The security and reliability of the solutions we provide our customers are important to us. MOSI Hub Intelligent Systems has invested heavily to meet the security, scalability and reliability needs of our customers. We Take Extreme Measures to Protect Your Data

Maintain customer privacy with user authentication, audit trails, and strict data privacy standards.

Security & Privacy Features

State, Federal and International Regulatory Requirements

In servicing our clients’ applications, MOSI Hub Intelligent Systems acts as a data processor while its clients are acting as data controllers. With our services provided to our clients’ applications, We use data to both carryout customer transactions and to improve the provided services, with our automation models we can offer improved speed, consistency and better control of the transactions.
Businesses that use service providers to process personal data of EU data subjects are required to use providers that are both GDPR compliant and support compliance with the GDPR. We are dedicated to ensuring that our products and services offered to enable our clients to fulfill their GDPR obligations.


Industry Specific Regulatory Requirements

With clients in data-sensitive industries, MOSI Hub Intelligent Systems works with its customers ensuring that relevant industry regulations in line with data privacy governing are fulfilled.

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