Most of the student body of a university is made up of Gen-Z who are permanently online and connected. Therefore, providing tools and solutions that adapt to their work-schedule and lifestyle is at the forefront of student support today.

The solution that starts as a support tool for prospective and existing students, could later be upgraded to help your faculty with the academic engagement of your students by answering student and/or course-specific questions.

Omni-Channel experiences

Mosibot integrated on multiple channels of yours.

Self-service support

Students can find answers to their questions themselves, at their convenience.

Answering questions

Answering repetitive questions can be frustrating and time-consuming for your staff and faculty members, however, it is an ideal job for chatbots. Our intelligent solution will assist you by answering questions related to registration, scholarships & tuition fees, payment information, accommodation, and many other important questions students would like to know before they choose a university.

Personalized answers

With the knowledgebase integration, the tool has access to student-specific data and can provide accurate personalized answers.

Academic Guide

Our tool can be integrated to your Schools knowledge base and assist your team and students on how to access and use your online platforms.

Provide information on specific subjects and courses, information about exams, or other student and/or course-specific data.


There are always a lot of questions when a new student joins your university. Let our solution help the onboarding by answering questions about rules and regulations, facilities & activities, meal and other schedules, questions about onboarding related training material.


Self-service rates over 90% with Mosibot


99.5% always-on FAQ support

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